Multi-Channel Listing

Simplified Multi-Channel Listing

Easily list your style on multiple channels to reach more customers,
no matter where they shop.

Easy Multi-channel Selling

It’s important to diversify across multiple marketplaces to reach a wider range of consumers, increase sales, and protect your brand from relying on a single marketplace.
APN’s listing function gives you the power to list your style from one central catalog to a self-build e-commerce website and several popular online marketplaces, such as FashionGo, LAShowroom and more.

Consistent & Unified Customer Experience

Unfortunately, creating a brand presence across multiple channels requires additional work and more investment. Trying to do this manually will take huge amounts of manpower and time, and you’ll fall far behind the competition. Instead, you can use a good tool to automate and streamline listings across marketplaces, allowing you to stay in control.

With A Few Clicks to Upload

You can set up product data and descriptions in one place through APN and then push that data to your marketplaces. APN is a good tool if it allows you to provide consistent product information and prices across channels. APN will allow you to focus on your business while it manages inventory details of your multi-channel sales behind the scenes.

In just a few clicks, complete to post your product on FashionGo

Click “Post to FashionGo”
on the style page you want to post.

“Save” after editing some changes
via the same UI with FashionGo.

Save time. Reduce cost. Increase revenue.

The main benefit of APN is to save time and money on multi-channel eCommerce management.
However, APN also offers full-service inventory management or other types of order management.

Listing Management

Our multi-channel listing software takes your current product listings and copies them (multi-variation listings, photos, descriptions, etc.) to the channels of your choosing – so you reach more potential customers. Each channel’s listing is unique to its target market to ensure a good customer experience.

Order Processing

APN is a convenient and powerful tool for pre and post order management. Streamline order process via easily importing data from Excel file format without re-entry. View all orders in one place and manage bulk changes and replacements.

Integrated Inventory

You need to maintain a centralized view of your inventory for effective multi-channel inventory management. Manage all your inventory in one place. With APN as your source of inventory truth, we can guarantee better accuracy and a more seamless workflow.

Warehouse Management

Order picking involves significant cost and can affect customer satisfaction levels. APN improves both the efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process. And it will keep track of your products from the moment they arrive at your warehouse to their delivery to your buyer.

Sell More. Work Less. Experience Big Business Power With Small Business Care!!